There are many teas out there and many new companies are popping up that promise the best blends, so it can be a daunting task to sort through all the fluff in the recent tea renaissance.  I was recently introduced to one of these young and innovative tea houses and have been thoroughly impressed. Tiesta Tea is the brand and I think you will be as impressed as I am with every aspect of their teas.

TiestaTea - Minty Winter Wonderland and Creme au Chocolat -
TiestaTea – Minty Winter Wonderland and Creme au Chocolat

The Tiesta Tea experience begins with their website and labeling (they are available in a variety of stores as well). Each of their blends is categorized into one of 5 tea drinking scenarios: Energizer, Eternity, Immunity, Relaxer, and Slenderizer. This color-coded system takes the headache out of browsing Tiesta’s 40 blends because there is no guessing about what you will find or what the blend was designed to do. Tiesta’s system is one of the most useful guides to buying tea that I’ve found and it is fun to explore.

Within each of the categories are around 8 blends to choose from, so if you are looking for a relaxing nighttime tea you have caffeine-free blends from the fruity Palm Beach Punch, the Nutty Almond Cream, or the Minty Winter Wonderland to choose from. Likewise, if you are seeking a rooibos to have on hand for those times when a nasty cold hits the house, you can find some fruity blends in Immunity that range from Kiwi Cherry Bonanza to Fireberry and Cape Town Chai.

Of course, you can also select teas by type: black, green, white, herbal, oolong, etc. However, I think that for the newbie to the expansive, often complicated world of tea, Tiesta has hit the mark with their easy to understand – when to drink this tea – system.

I received two of these teas – one relaxing and one energizing – to review and use for cocktails (see the Chocolate Candy Cane recipe) and have fallen for the brand. Beyond the categories, these loose leaf blends are some of the highest quality teas that I’ve had to date. The flavor of each is perfectly balanced and will raise your ideals of what a truly great cup of tea can be.

Minty Winter Wonderland

The bold purple label denotes that Minty Winter Wonderland belongs in Tiesta’s Relaxer class and it fits the bill perfectly. Whatever anxiety, stress, or hyperactivity you may be feeling at the end of the day, it all just melts away after the first few sips of this caffeine-free rooibos blend. It is the ultimate in sedative teas and the flavor is a mix peppermint and white chocolate, making it a perfectly delicious way to relax.

Créme au Chocolat

On the other end of the spectrum, emblazoned by a eye-catching red that denotes it as an Energizer, Créme au Chocolat is a delicious chocolate-laced pick me up. It has often replaced my afternoon espresso for a quick jolt of much needed energy and the blend of black tea, chocolate chips, and cocoa kernels is fascinating, unique, and satiates any sweet tooth desires as well.

Closing Thoughts

Tiesta Tea has many great things going for it. The helpful categories, hints for usage, the fact that each is gluten and calorie-free, and the perfectly balanced blends are just the beginning because one of the best aspects is the price. Taking into account the quality of these teas, one would easily expect to pay twice the asking price, though most of the teas are just $11 per tin (with a yield 30-50 cups), so you can afford to explore the full line over time and find your personal favorites.

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Tiesta Tea’s Beautiful Blends
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