It’s real! Coffee and tonic (two of my favorite beverages) have become one and it works surprisingly well. Coffee Tonic – aka caffe tonic or black tonic – is a real thing and it is the perfect alternative to iced coffee.

It seems simple: espresso and tonic water. True, that is about it and when I first heard of the drink I ignored a few warnings and had a mediocre drink. However, if you’re a little pickier than normal, the coffee tonic is a wonderful discovery.

The trick, as pointed out on, is two-fold: a non-bitter espresso and a great tonic (Fever Tree and Q Tonic are both perfect options – don’t skimp and buy the “everyday” brand, this is a finely tuned balance of flavor). The third trick is the order of the pour. Typically we just pour away, but in this instance the order is everything or you end up with a big mess.

There is also a great alternative that involves cold brew coffee and a flamed orange. A detail of that can be found on

Coffee Tonic Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 Drink

Coffee Tonic Recipe

An easy way to ramp up your cold espresso routine, the Coffee & Tonic may quickly become a new favorite.

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  1. Pour the tonic over ice in a tall glass.
  2. Slowly top with espresso. It will float on top of the tonic and slowly integrate into the drink.


Very important! If the espresso goes into the glass first or is poured too fast, the mix will fizz and you may have an overflowing mess.

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How to Make a Coffee Tonic