An exciting announcement in the coffee world today, Counter Culture Coffee has released a special, short-run coffee called “CCCXX” in honor of their 20th anniversary.

Counter Culture Coffee's CCCXX  Release - ┬ęChristy Baugh -
Counter Culture Coffee’s CCCXX – ┬ęChristy Baugh

CCCXX will be available through June of this year and retails for $15.75/12 ounce bag and the easiest place to find it is on their website: It is one in a series of specialty coffees that the roaster will be releasing this year.

The coffee is single-origin, coming from Hacienda El Roble in Bucaramanga, Colombia. It is organic and was roasted for a flavor profile of “sweetness above all, over a round, plush body with notes of vanilla, nougat and caramel.”

This will surely be a coffee as excellent as anything we’ve come to expect from Counter Culture and a welcome, though temporary, addition to our coffee routines.


Counter Culture Coffee’s CCCXX Anniversary Release
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