It is only natural that a writer specializing in drinks who owns a photography studio has a large portfolio of cocktail images! The following galleries include years of S&C Design Studios’ drink photography and this does not even include our entire image library!

Our cocktail photographs are often very simple and can be used in multiple venues. From online stories and recipes to print advertisement or a fun photo to decorate your bar, we might have the cocktail photo you’re looking for.

Browse around and if you see anything you like, contact Shannon (our studio manager and lead photographer) at We’re very reasonable and are available for assignment if you need a specific drink shot.

The Martini Gallery

What color of martini are you looking for? Red, green, blue, brown, clear… we have them all with various garnish options!

Halloween Hpnotist - Blue Martini Cocktail Photography

On the Rocks Gallery

Highballs and lowballs, creamy and fruity… if it’s served over ice, we’ve probably shot it (with a camera, of course!).

Scarlet O'Hara Cocktail - Southern Comfort and Cranberry Cocktail - Stock Photography

More Drink Photography

Explore a collection of random images of shots, wine, punches and other drinks along with ingredients need to create all these great drinks.

Black Rose Shot - Tequila Rose and Black Vodka - Cocktail Stock Photography