Beverage Writer and Author Colleen Graham

Colleen Graham is a freelance writer who specializes in beverages. In 2006, she joined the team at The Spruce Eats (formerly where she writes about cocktails and a variety of drinks, as well as some food. In 2012 she released her first book, ¡Hola Tequila!, which was republished in 2017 under the title Tequila: Cocktails With a Kick. Written for Harper Collins UK, her book Rosé Made Me Do It was released in 2019. Over the years she has contributed to numerous publications and worked as a recipe consultant and tester for various liquor, beverage, and editorial clients.

Beyond writing, Colleen owns a photography studio with her husband, Shannon Graham. S&C Design Studios is a full service commercial and fine art photography studio that works with clients worldwide, including many in the beverage industry. Their library of drink imagery is extensive. The team also sells their fine art photography online at Darkroom Artist and at art shows throughout the Midwest. Their main focus with the art is to preserve the tradition of photography, so they spend a lot of time shooting film and printing in the studio’s darkroom.

There must always be a fun aspect in life and Colleen takes full advantage of the free time her freelance life allows. Her family is complete with a pair of rat terriers and a beautiful black cat who are like her children. The entire family is often in the studio or out on some adventure. Colleen is a knitting fanatic, an avid baker, and is always working on some upcycling project around her home or studio. When the weather warms, the Grahams are either in their gardens or packing up their sea kayaks to find a river or lake to paddle.

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I am always open to conversation and would like to hear from you. Whether you would like to share a recipe, tip, or idea, or talk about working with me on a writing or consulting project, simply shoot me an email at I will also consider reviewing products or writing about a company, though you must contact me first.

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