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Coffee Corner

Coffee is more than a way to wake up in the morning, it is an experience and there are many aspects of today’s coffee world that can be discussed and explored as we celebrate the wonders of coffee.

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Soda Shop

The Soda Shop is filled with recipes, tips, and reviews for improving the mixed drink that everyone can enjoy. Included are old-timey soda fountain favorites, modern mocktails, and sparkling mixes of every flavor.

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Cocoa, Juice, & Tea

Great drinks come in many packages and this is a diverse collection of fresh juice mixes, soothing teas, and homemade cocoa drinks that are fun to explore and use in your daily beverage adventures and routines.

Looking for a cocktail or two?

You are in luck! I also write about cocktails on About.com and have an entire website dedicated to adult beverages. It is filled with hundreds of cocktail recipes, bartending tips, liquor reviews, and so much more.

Cocktails on About.com

Drink Studio Recipes

Drink Studio Recipes

Explore the full collection of recipes on the Drink Studio

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